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Deal sounds a bit Joe Ely, but with a fully, smoother vocal delivery, and the backing band, helmed by producer Lloyd Maines, is stellar. But it’s the songwriting that makes The Lawless shine. There isn’t a weak track here, and several, are as good as just about any country classic tune you care to name.  —Texas Music Magazine (Fall 2003)

This Texas singer/songwriter presents an aspiring collection of renegade country. Deal’s story-telling brims with believability. On The Lawless, Deal keeps it honest- and real. —Country Music Magazine (Aug-Sep 2003)

The Lawless is flat out Kevin Deal’s best album yet. Indeed, Deal sings with a twang quite like Ely’s West Texas accent, but more importantly, Kevin shares with Ely in the pure joy of singing. The songs are performed with gusto. The Lawless is an album that reveals new shades of detail and subtlety with each listen. —Sing Out Magazine

Texan troubadour Kevin Deal has long been a master of the outlaw metaphor on his cutting edge country. — David Dawson (Australia) High In The Saddle

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“Raspy, song poet vocal propelled along by a totally zippy Mexicali track.Yi-yi-yi-yi.”Robert K. Oermann, Music Row “Deal’s latest…is an outstanding, understated LP”—Exclaim Magazine

“On Kiss On The Breeze, lost loves and redneck daddies come together on an empty Texas Highway, with you riding shotgun and ace storyteller Kevin Deal at the wheel. It has country and blues and Tex-Mex and a whole lot of Lone Star soul, sung and played with enough passion to rope your heart and slap a silly grin on your face. Deal, who wrote all 12 tracks, has an impressive ability to blend humor, heartbreak, and quirky character studies in his songwriting.”—NO DEPRESSION

“There must be something in the water: Kevin Deal is yet another serious Texas-based singer/songwriter. He’s in the Steve Earle/Joe Ely mold, both in terms of style and gamblers instinct. This album, Deal’s 3rd with producer/string guru Lloyd Maines, is loaded with heart and soul…” Billboard Magazine The real Deal steps forward and delivers. Country Standard Time

“…known as one of the best harmonica players on the Dallas music scene.” John Muzyka The Met

“Texan troubadour Kevin Deal has once again proven on his third album Kiss On The Breeze that he has that uncanny ability to connect with his growing army of listeners through his vast vat of vibrant vignettes about life in the real world.” David Dawson-Nu Country-Australia

“Blessed with a rich sonorous voice perfectly suited to his conversational storytelling, Deal deserves an audience far beyond his native Texas.” Performing Songwriter

“Deal’s music is real, from the heart, intensely personal and supported by melodies and instrumentation that recall Merle Haggard and other’s of his kind from the 1960’s.” The Washington Post

“Kevin’s presence on the Texas alt-country scene has been well-earned and well-deserved.” David Avery -CMJ

“Not to be corny, but Kevin is the ‘real deal’….he carves out some mighty potent working mans songs. The CD holds a quarry full of hard-hitting, cut-to-bone country songs.”—MARTHA MOORE Country Music Plus